Since we're in California, we have earthquakes. We in the Napa Valley have been fortunate over the years. We've sustained minimal damage from large quakes that have inflicted heavy damage in many other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

But the Yountville Quake of 2000 caused more damage and injuries than anyone would like. And more will happen. So it's best for everyone living in Earthquake Country to be familiar with quakes and how to prepare for them.

Memento Mori - An Interface with the Earth

Emergency Bulletins - National Weather Service Short Term Warnings of Flash Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Storms and High Winds - Posted only when necessary
Recent Earthquakes in California
Recent San Francisco Area Earthquakes
Seismic Monitor - Colorful map of earthquakes around the world - Updated every 30 minutes.

September 3, 2000 Napa Quake

Intensity Map
Napa damage linked to unusually high levels of shaking

Earthquake Shaking Hazard Maps for City of Napa

All maps are from the Association of Bay Area Governments. They are color-coded to show estimated damage intensity based on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale. These maps are not intended to be site-specific. Rather, they depict the general risk within neighborhoods.

Other Maps

Bay Area Faults - Look at the map. The Napa Valley's in a pretty good position - at least compared to most of the rest of the Bay Area
Earthquake Maps (see above) and Information - From the Association of Bay Area Governments

Other Info

Make your own Seismogram - Pick a monitoring location in northern or central California for a past or realtime seismogram.
Northern California Earthquake Data Center Earthquake Information - From U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Hazards and Preparedness - From USGS
Understanding Earthquakes - Includes a quake, animations and famous earthquake accounts - From UC Santa Barbara's Institute for Crustal Studies
Mountain Man Survival Equipment Inc. - We offer some of the highest quality survival gear items and assorted other emergency survival kits.


The Next Big Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area Are you prepared?
EQE Earthquake Preparedness Guide - From world's largest seismic engineering firm
On Shaky Ground - Living with Earthquakes on the North Coast - a manual from Humboldt County
QuakePro - Helping People Reduce Earthquake Hazard and Losses

Past Quakes

A History of Earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area
1906 San Francisco Earthquake - From San Francisco City Museum

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